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The name Baringo is derived from the word mparingo which means ‘lake’ in the language of Njemps. It is located about 270km west of Nairobi, in the Rift-valley and covers an area of 11,015.32 sq km\n.


A road trip through the great rift valley is generally enjoyable mostly because of its breath-taking landscape characterized by the rugged terrain of the mountains and valleys, lush-green vegetation, lakes and winding roads. It is simply paradise!

Winding roads.

As you travel through kabarnet town, your attention will be captured by the winding roads running through a series of hills. This makes driving interesting and exhilarating. For drivers who like challenging driving adventures along with road trip lovers, this might be your hook!

One would never forget travelling to Eldoret from Nairobi, then once at Nakuru use the route through Kabarnet, or the other way round.” said Mr. Oyando, a resident of kabarnet town.

Lake Baringo.

The lake hosts over 450 species of birds ranging from flamingos. It also has a total of nine islands the biggest being up-to 1,200 hectares, Olkokwe. Dr. Richard Leakey’s snake park and Lake Baringo reptile park are also found there, along the lakeshores. On a good day, boat riding, sight seeing, bird watching could turn you up. Accomodation and shopping facilities are also available so no much hustle for campers and holiday lovers.

Kerio River

Kerio valley lies steadily between the Tugen hills and Elgeyo escarpment. Kerio river is found on the base of the valley. Divers are found there any time of the day. There is also a park under the Kenya Wildlife Service, situated along Kabarnet-Eldoret road, Kerio Valley National Reserve. It is an ideal hangout point, romantic getaway and swimming adventure.


Right in the heart of Kabarnet town, which is also the Baringo County headquarters, is also a public museum . The museum is used to store and showcase elements and artefacts of Baringo’s culture and traditions. State of the arts accomodation and catering services are also available.

Tugen hills

The series of hills and ranges that is Tugen hills offers a stunning scenic view of the rift valley and most of its water points like lake Baringo.

Lake Bogoria.

Lake Bogoria is no doubt a top tourist destination. It is, among other lakes like Nakuru, Elementaita and Naivasha, one of the largest lesser flamingo population in the world. The lake offers about 220 species of other birds. It is also well known for its hot springs which are natural spas and steam baths. Visitors are however catiouned to be careful around the springs . Holiday lovers, explorers, and adventerous you might wanna try this one out!

Baringo county is an absolutely real time exploration and an amazing get away. Great scenic beauties like lake Baringo and Bogoria, The Tugen hills, kerio valley and the Elgeyo escarpments. Other exciting activities like fishing, boat riding, wild animals, birds watching are alsoH rampant. Accomodation, catering, and shopping facilities are also available. The region is also known to produce rich honey in plenty!

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